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Produktinformationen "10 Liter Seesack Anker Wasserfest Trockensack Survival Bag"

The trendy dry bag is made of 100% waterproof PVC material. It can be filled with up to 10 L and can also be turned inside out using the buckle function and thus reduced in size. The duffel bag is available in red, black, navy, gray and pink and is spiced up by the maritime anchor logo. Care instructions: Brush off dirt/wash with a damp cloth. Note: The white print may have spots. Note: Anchor color may vary between navy and gray models (white or black print).

Eigenschaften "10 Liter Seesack Anker Wasserfest Trockensack Survival Bag"
Farbe: Grau, Marine, Orange, Pink, Rot, Schwarz
Größe: Onesize
Material: 100% PVC
Maße: ca. 55 x 33 cm, Durchmesser Boden: ca.19cm
Pflegehinweise: Beschmutzungen sanft abbürsten, Handwäsche
Verschlussart: Plastik-Schnalle